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Honda Brake Pads and Rotors in Muncie

Mechanic Inspecting Brake Pads and Rotors

The parts department here at Victory Honda of Muncie will always be happy to help you find the right Honda brake pads and rotors in Muncie to fit your exact make and model. You’ll generally find the pads are replaced around every 5,000 miles while the rotors are replaced every 30,000 to 70,000 miles, and both parts should be checked and changed as part of your routine service schedule to save you worrying about them yourself.

Of course, brake pads and rotors may sometimes wear down faster than expected due to anything from lots of stop-start city-based driving to carrying heavy loads, so every driver should learn the signs they might have become worn. With that in mind, read on to discover:

  • Common Signs Your Brake Pads Need Replacing
  • Common Signs Your Brake Rotors Need Replacing

Common Signs Your Brake Pads Need Replacing

Brake pads need to put up with plenty of stress during every drive around Anderson. When you press down on the brake pedal, they are forced against the brake rotors to create the friction that slows your vehicle. You can always perform a visual inspection if you think they may need replacing – if any brake pad appears less than a quarter inch thick, it’s time to schedule servicing.

Further warning signs include:

  • Squealing/Screeching Sound During Braking
  • Brake Pedal Shaking During Braking
  • Increasing Stopping Distances
  • Active Brake Light When Not Braking
  • Metal-on-Metal Sound During Braking

Common Signs Your Brake Rotors Need Replacing

Brake rotors should last considerably longer than brake pads, but they too may wear out sooner than expected. You’ll find them mounted to the wheel hub just behind the hubcap, and any surface cracks should be a cause for concern.

Further warning signs include:

  • Steering Wheel Shaking During Braking
  • Increasing Stopping Distances
  • Metal-on-Metal Sound During Braking

Find Your Honda Brake Pads and Rotors in Muncie by Visiting Victory Honda of Muncie

Whether you need expert assistance from our technicians or feel like picking up the right brake parts from our parts department so you can fit them yourself, we’ll always be happy to help. For any further advice or assistance, feel free to visit our showroom or get in touch directly.


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